Myalls Away Farm Cottages

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From Sydney:

Zoom north up the M1 from Sydney. Exit at the Cessnock / Kurri Kurri turn off. Follow signs to Cessnock. Go through the roundabout at Freeman's Waterhole and up over the hill. Pass the caravan site on your left.

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Descending the other side, Brunkerville comes and goes and the road rises slowly to another small ridge. As you drive over the pinnacle, keep a sharp lookout for first a "Sandy Creek Road" sign followed by the sign to Quorrobolong 30m further, which lies hidden until the very last minute. It's been less than 12 km from the Motorway and already you're at Sandy Creek Road. Turn left.

Now you can relax for another 16 km or so. Well not too much because there are a couple of twisty bits which can be a bit slippery when wet. You may see an Alpaca Farm and 'Hunter Valley Retreat' before reaching Quorrobolong.  OTOH you may not.

Luckily there is nothing to detain you there; for Quorrobolong although scenic is not renowned for very much at all. In fact, you may even miss it but don't worry: the sign for Heaton Road will soon appear on your left, telling you that there are only six and a half kilometres to go.  Just keep going straight.

Barrelling past the Quorrobolong Rd (leading, the signpost informs us, to Cessnock,)  for another 3.7 km go past the "Ellalong" sign and gently down the road which inclines to a distinctive right hand bend.  Don't be tempted to pick up speed, for here on the right you will see a sign pointing left which is Dry Creek Road. DO NOT TURN LEFT! This is the junction! But look round to starboard - the right hand for landlubbers - and you will spot a rustic gate labelled 'Myalls Away'. Enter and have fun.